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The Company has been operating in Ireland since 1976.
Best Security operates under full Public/Products Liability, and Employers Liability cover.
Best Security is MSC Ltd approved, All Security Systems comply with EN 50131-1:2006, CLC/TS 50131-7:2010 standards, PSA 74:2019 requirements & PSA 2006_12 CCTV requirements. Best Security is licensed through the Private Security Authority.
Yes, we provide a 2 year warranty on all systems supplied and fitted.
In order to extract the full security benefit from your intruder alarm system, our nominated Alarm Receiving Centre will monitor your system 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. We have all experienced an alarm bell or sounder ringing on a house or premises and no one taking any action, Our Garda Response package gives you the added peace of mind of knowing that when you’re BEST Security alarm is triggered, it’s never ignored. Our nominated Alarm Receiving Centre will notify the Gardaí as well as you and your nominated keyholders straight away. With Best Security monitored Intruder alarms, the response is instant, so even if you’re off-site, even if you’re out of the country, the Alarm Receiving Centre will ensure your property is attended to quickly, minimizing the risk of loss or damage and increasing the chances of the intruder being caught.
Nothing. All our security surveys are carried out free of charge. At Best Security, we work with our client’s budget for their Security System. Prices start from €699.00 for Trap protection and approximately €899.00 for Perimeter protection. Our representative will explain what is required for your premises. It is a statutory and regulatory requirement to provide a Security Risk and Technical survey on all domestic and commercial premises to obtain what Grade of system is required for your home or commercial premises. Best Security carry this out free of charge.
There are two main categories of intruder alarm: wired and wireless. Wired alarms are integrated into the wiring of a property either during its build, or when it is renovated. Wireless alarms on the other hand work via sensors that are connected to a control panel through radio signals. Wireless alarms are ideal for retrospective fits and where you don’t want to go to the trouble of channeling cabling into walls. Both types of alarm work through sensors. These could be for example a vibration, door contact or passive infra-red detector. Once the sensor is initiated it sends a signal to the control panel which then in turn activates an alarm. The alarm itself can take different forms: it may emit an audible tone, or it may be both audible and visual, i.e. a bell and a flashing light. There are also alarms that send signals to remote alarm receiving centre’s which then go on to inform your choice of personnel, such as a key holder or the police. Which type of alarm you choose should be something you discuss with Best Security, as they will be able to guide you as to the right model for your particular property and level of risk.
False alarms are a common concern, but there are a number of steps you can take to avoid them. Firstly, ensure the alarm system is professionally maintained by BEST Security. This will ensure that any potential issues that may activate the alarm outside of its normal operation will be identified and dealt with. Secondly, make sure the back-up battery is fully functional. Next, check that all your doors and windows are secure and properly fitted otherwise they may activate the alarm when they are agitated, for example during strong winds. And of course you’ll need to make sure you only enter the premises through the entry route that has been designated during the set-up of the alarm system. If you are concerned about whether your pets will set the alarm off, opt for a special pet tolerant model. Be sure to discuss this with BEST Security during the consultation stage so that we take it into consideration when designing your system.
Yes we repair all brands of Intruder Alarm systems, The majority of Intruder Alarm systems can be added on to existing Intruder Alarm systems without replacing all of the components , simply changing out your old control panel for a newer model will give your system far greater capabilities and you can add wireless detection devices if required. Get in touch and we can explain in more detail.
Yes our team of alarm technicians can maintain all brands of alarm systems for domestic and commercial, we offer different packages depending on what is required. Get in touch and we can explain in more detail.

So, why switch to a BEST Security System?

Switch your existing provider over to a BEST Security System and you’re putting it in the hands of a well established company in the security industry, with 24/7/365 alarm monitoring and maintenance support you can depend on. Switching is simple, Best Security are specialists in taking over old and non compliant Intruder Alarm Systems, and it’s a simple and painless process.
Yes, our alarm technicians have been trained and fully briefed on social distancing and safe practices during this time. Get in touch and we can explain in more detail.
Yes, we also over a Security Auditor service. Please visit for more info.